Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Something's Missing

As most of you know I often go to the gym before work. This means I have to shower at the gym, which is not too bad really. The only bad thing is my evident by my forgetting socks and on one occasion shoes to wear to work. Last week I did it again, only this time it was not a clothing issue. Instead I forgot to bring a towel....and I realized this after my workout. It is this reason that caused me to casually go up to nearly every paper towel dispenser in LA Fitness so I could slowly and secretly load up on paper towels so I could dry off after my shower. I did manage to pack in enough to get myself sorted out, however all I could think about is how the "Naked Asian Lady" does the same thing, because for some reason she does not even bother to bring a towel to the gym....ever.

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Clay and Katy said...

kristi that is hillarious! love your stories :)