Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Blog Heard Round the World

I have explained Google Analytics to a couple of you...I'm sorry if I bored you, but this is a map of my blog visitors according to their location. I though it was pretty cool, I have listed some cities of note and a fun fact for your enjoyment.

Scranton, PA
Scranton is nestled in the Lackawanna River valley and is known for it's iron, coal and railroads. More importantly Scranton is home to Dundir Miflin, employees we all know and love. Stay classy Scranton.

Izmir, Turkey
"The pearl of the Aegean". It is widely regarded as one of the most liberal Turkish cities in terms of values, ideology, lifestyle, dynamism and gender roles. Welcome aboard.

Bangalore, India
Bangalore is known as the Garden City of India because of its climate, greenery and the presence of many public parks. Maybe people are using their laptops in the parks reading my blog. I'm choosing to believe this.

Canberra, Australia
The capital city of Australia and with a population of just over 325,000 is Australia's largest inland city. Had no idea Canberra was the capital of Australia...learn something new everyday. Thanks Canberra.


Michon said...

kick A! those readers need to comment!!! welcome

Michon said...

welcome welcome to illiryia welcome welcome welcome welcome

Michon said...

bought it at 1230 AM...watched it till 330 am...started watching it again at 10 am

Annalise said...

I think Michon is on drugs. Um, I lost the coding you gave me. Well actually it's somewhere in my hotmail inbox which I never check. But I'll try to remember to put that in so that we can start tracking my blog traffic. It's pretty cool all the people that have linked into your blog. Way to go!

k town said...

no shout out to provo utah? how on earth could you leave out such a hip city!

someone remind me why i live here? scranton sounds pretty good right now.

(Is it me or is veto starting to sound good?)

jenny said...

hahahahah I agree with Annalise.