Monday, July 31, 2006

It's official, I am an E! True Hollywood Story junkie.

Yesterday I signed somewhere around 5 hours of my life away to the series. I now know a ridiculous amount of information about the cast from Full House, the 50 cutest kid stars, the cast of Home Improvement and Hillary Duff.

How on earth have I not been addicted to this before now is beyond me. I am an Us Weekly junkie, love most VH1 shows and am now an E! THS addict...that's right I know the abbreviation and I'm using it.

It's amazing how much information these people can pack into such a small amount of time. It never ceases to amaze me. Without THS I would have never known about;

-Tim Allen doing time for dealing drugs
-That the youngest kid's name from Rosanne was Michael Fischman...the same name as one of my high school friends.
-H Duff's break into show business coming from a movie being filmed on her parents ranch in Texas in which she was an extra

Needless to say the show is amazing and I plan on continuing to watch for quite some time. So Jenny, you can count on my spouting ridiculous facts about New Kids on the Block or the cast from Charles in Charge for the next month.


k town said...

It's about time someone joined the ranks! I've been hooked and alone for too long now, trying to hide my dirty little secret. Kristi, you've empowered me. My name is Kristin, and I'm a THS-aholic!

jenny said...

Can't wait. You can educate me on the secret happenings of J.T.T ....and we all know I love Hilary Duff.

Michon said...

totally watched the Hduff last night...wasnt it sweet when she cried about her sister?? oh man..i wish i could have seen the one on home improvement!

Annalise said...

THS of Scott Baio, yup I actually watched that twice! I love the THS stuff, no matter who it is. The best one I've ever seen though is the one on Sex and the City. So good!

Claty said...

Jenny...just for the record, Jonathan Taylor Thomas does not like to be called JTT. You need to watch THS Home Improvement...that one was by far the most many things that i would never have known. E! I love you!!