Thursday, July 27, 2006


New Kids On the Block
Yesterday when I came home for lunch Katy was watching E! True Hollywood Story....a show I KNOW we all get hooked into from time to time. I sat down before I realized which story they were telling when all of a sudden the screen went to black and in bold white type it said "New Kids on the Block." I have to say at that moment I knew my day wouldn't get any better.

Sadly, I was never truly immersed in New Kids and didn't get to enjoy the Bop magazines devoted to their likes and dislikes. I never had one of those ginormous buttons attached to my acid washed jean jacket that had a glossy photo of Jordan Knight or Donnie Wahlberg. I truly missed out on this moment in time when 13 year old girls were contemplating giving up their virginity to any member of the band. I was looking up what they are up to now and found myself very depressed for several of the members.

Jonathan Knight for example went on to have a career in real estate. Real estate?! Do you think that his customers ever ask him to hum a few bars of Step by Step? Does he ever break out in synchronized dance numbers to secure a sale? I sure hope so.

Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight were described by wikipedia as having "moderately successful" albums later in their careers...not too impressive. Maybe these two should join forces and start a show like P-Diddy or start an 80's throwback line of clothing...just an idea boys.

And Donnie Wahlberg is "the most successful since the group" due to his acting roles in Sixth Sense, Band of Brothers, and a role on the short-lived police drama series Boomtown. Congrats Donnie boy, lucky you're a member of the Wahlberg family good jeans, and Marky Mark...can't beat that.

If E! True Hollywood story has taught me anything (and it has), it's that starting your career at the age of 15 will only cause you to peak at 19 and spend the rest of your life on the way downhill. Thanks mom and dad for not letting me pursue that modeling career through Dillards weekend modeling sometimes my life is sad.


Annalise said...

I LOVE THS, it is sooo addicting. Even the lives of people you don't really care about suddenly become very interesting. I was never really big into New Kids either. I remember in the 5th grade when everyone else was, but since I lived a deprived childhood, I never owned their lunchbox or anything else like that. Sad.

Michon said...

ummm heres an awesome fact!!!!!!!!! i saw joey mac in Wicked....uh huh i can feel your jealousy. life is painless for the brainless

Katy said...

So what about the 5th member of the group? I dont even know his name? It was pretty amazing...too bad I had to go back to work...I should have just called in sick. Go New Kids!!!

Anonymous said...

lol... i'm so pathetic i have that thing on tape... yeah i'm one of the creepy fat girls with glasses and braces who sat alone in her room in high school dreaming of meeting and marrying any one of the five nk.. btw katy.. the fith one is Danny wood... who filed for divorce from his wife stating she abused HIM go figure...