Saturday, November 11, 2006

Birthday Stuff

Well another year older. As many of you know I am now 25, some would say a quarter of a century. (actually many many people did say that to me) All in all it was a great birthday. The first 9 hours pretty much sucked, but the last last 5 made all the difference. I spent the entire day on my birthday making a knife used to thin down leather. We're talking 9 hours of grinding down a piece of STEEL in order to make a knife! It was a really really hard day that was made better by an amazing cake at tea time given to me by Sonia. After all the knife sharpening Sonia, Catherine, Harm and I went to and Indian restaurant for dinner. It was VERY needed. My hands hurt so bad from rubbing the metal on the stone all day, and I actually developed a twitch in my thumb for a couple days. But anyway, dinner was really good and we took our sweet time eating it and chatting about Sonia's amazing life.

After dinner we met up at the Sesly Arms for a drink with some other people and then I got to go home and talk to Kristin on the phone.

The picture above is a little summery of what I got for my birthday. Catherine gave me the cute green mug filled with hot chocolate, Jenny made me the amazing origami flowers, Sonia gave me some Poppycock and Harm made me a strop with my name carved on it. (a strop is used to sharpen knives) The cool looking curly wood is the "ribbon" Harm put on the wrapping. It was so cute. All in all an amazing birthday.


Katy said...

Wow you have some great friends!!! Harm seems like quite a catch...ok I will leave that alone now! Making knives are becoming quite scrapy :) Maybe you will get my package by the new year!! I swear I sent it a long time ago. Oh well. it isnt that cool anyways. Miss you.

Michon said...

kick A day! (minus the knife makin) BUT atleast we know now that if the world was coming to an end i'd want to be near you so you could make a knife and kill a wild animal with it...or slice tomatoes for a nice bruscetta. mmmm food....happy after birthday! hope you had a good weekend!

K said...

Harm has a girlfriend. :) No need for more Harm comments.

Annalise said...

Hahaha, you commented on your own blog. Nice.
I'm so happy you had a good birthday! It sounds like you have some great friends there. Is the mail just really slow? Have you not gotten my little treasure?