Thursday, November 30, 2006

A moment I probably should have had a long time ago

I have never been in a position where I was receiving pressure from people to drink....until now. Last night I was sitting with some friends in the Stewards Bar (the bar in the college) and a fellow student kept asking me if I wanted a drink. I kept replying no, and then he said something that made me think.

If I continue to not drink and then gave it a try later in life would i look back on my 20's or 30's and think I had missed out on something?

It's questions like that one that worry me, because my brain started whirling around and I can't make it stop.


Annalise said...

Ummm, I'm going to send you an email, cause I gotta say things that probably shouldn't be put on public domain.

Claty said...

Kristi...just say no!! Miss you!

khaki said...

yeah, we need to talk.

k town said...

An interesting point, but also more than a little condescending in my opinion. Who is he to say your life should be more like his?

Anyway, you could always say you're knocked up or a recovering alcoholic?

PS. I'll be in TX Dec. 23-Jan. 1, so start planning!

Michon said...

hmmmm....most of those drinks look sketchy to me....if you watched VM i'd make some reference to rufi's or ghb. MISS YOU!!! I'm so jealous that i cant see you over christmas!

j3nny129 said...

I'm with Kristin. Say you're a recovering alcoholic. I WILL BE IN TX Dec 21 to like the 6th so I cannot wait to see you! Because we need to celebrate your birthday biatch. LOVE YOu.