Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yooooour Daaaaaalaaaas Mavericks!!!!!!!

I took a chance and decided to visit the Mavs website my complete approval this is what I saw:I have never wanted to be in Dallas more. Mavs v Spurs! Mavs fans! Crazy crazy Mavs fans! I love you and miss you sooooo much.

Dear Mavs,

Kick some ass tonight.



khaki said...

i didn't even know! and i don't own a TV!! i'll have to watch the game online. thanks for the heads up

k town said...

i know!! i wish you could be here, or better yet we could both be in dallas and go to the game. thank goodness it's nba time again, i was going through major withdrawal. go mavs!

Michon said...

haha man oh man how did i end up with friends who love the nba??

tatia said...


i am not one to really blog it up much, but i was thinking about you today, because it is your birthday. so i googled you and found your blog. very fun! i'm so stinkin excited for you that you are out in england. (excited or jealous has yet to be determined!) anyway, i just wanted to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i really was thinking about you all day today. i hope things are going well for ye! take care!

tatia said...

p.s. i can't forget those mavs! go mavs!