Thursday, November 16, 2006

I decided to check up on the news today in an effort to stay connected with the US of A. This was one of the top stories on

Here's a teaser in case you don't want to click through: "There’s a California sea lion that’s either brain damaged — or frisky."

Looks like I'm not missing too much.


jenny said...

hahah. That is the most amazing story. My gosh. Guess I'm not connected much either. Man. Good stuff. I MISS YOU. See you next month sucka!

jackie said...

sad when a sea lion gets more action than you.

Annalise said...

They are reporting this story right now on NPR. This lady had like 5 puncture wounds. What is the deal with this sea lion??? Maybe he thought that's how you make friends. Hey, I've tried it and it usally doesn't go over well.