Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm Back!

Well we arrived back from Amsterdam last night after having a fantastic time. We had several visits that obviously revolved around books which turned out to be ok, aside from the boring bits from a couple scientists (sorry Jackie). Anyway, we arrived a day early and had some time to have a nice meal out and then the next day the book stuff began. We took a train to the Haag and saw the National Archives, then we went to the Museum of the Book which I would say was the highlight of the trip. The man in charge of the collection knew every detail about every book he showed us which is a rare thing. The second full day we visited the Amsterdam Conservation Institute and were able to see another conservation lab with working students which was interesting. Finally we went to a windmill built in the 1600's that still makes paper.

The final morning we had some free time to shop and enjoy the city and then we were off to West Dean again. All in all it was an excellent trip filled with fun and lots of laughter.

Pinwheel I bought at the paper mill made from their paper.A crazy book exhibition that reminded me of something out of a science fiction movie.Jenny...haha.


Annalise said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Definitely better than a typical week of school.

And yes, there were three miniature schnouzer puppies there. In about a year when they breed them, they're going to give me a puppy!

jenny said...

"aside from the boring bits from a couple scientists (sorry Jackie)"

HILARIOUS. I freaking love you. Welcome Back to Blogtown

Clay and Katy said...

that sounds fun and interesting!!

Michon said...

cooool! that sounds like a sweet trip...i wanna go to the museum of books! putting that on my list!

jenny said...

Dood. Blog already.