Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Round 1

Kristin made a comment to me while I was home that thanks to the NBA playoffs starting up again she now has a reason to live, I couldn't be more agreeable on this subject, even if I don't get to watch ANY of the playoff games. (although I am looking into what iTunes has to offer in the way of Mavericks entertainment) Frankly the NBA highlights loop just isn't cutting it, I need more.

Well, the time difference is taking its toll on and last night I was so nervous about the game and even more upset that I wouldn't be able to check on the Mavs fate until the following morning...unless I was willing to wake up around 3am to find out (not gonna happen). But to my relief they won, thank goodness! I think a huge piece of me would have dropped dead if I had opened up and found out that my boys were out of the playoffs thanks to Golden State and their nasty throw back uniforms. I'm a fan of the throw backs, I mean the Mavs have some sweet uniforms, but Golden States looks like it was printed by the PSA uniform center.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I miss the days of watching every game with K&J, yelling at the refs and the players, those were good times. Think of me tomorrow while you watch the game and make sure to do some extra yelling on my behalf.


jenny said...

Oh extra yelling AND swearing for you. Expect a kick ass blog from me in the next couple days. Seriously.

Annalise said...

Well you know I'm not crazy about the nba, but I'm actually going to a Jazz playoff game tonight. Best of luck to them and to your Mavs!