Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Black Jenny"

Well I tried to suppress it as long as possible, but there’s something about Spring time, the NBA and March Madness that brings it out. Not to mention all the dance parties we’ve been having as of late. We’ve all had many a discussion about “Black Jenny”, how she talks, the music she listens to, the pursing of the lips and bobbing to the beats. I lost that little piece of me that loves rap music and takes pride in knowing all the words to most EMINEM songs, not to mention the rap wars J and I used to participate in.

Well, I compiled a playlist recently that I listen to while working in the workshop and I must say it has brought back a joy in my life that I had forgotten. Songs like Chris Brown’s “Run It”, Ludacris “Number One Spot”, and Jay-Z’s “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”. Priceless pieces of lyrical magic that seem to be able to rhyme any two words together. I mean, where else would you hear the phrase “drove through the window the industry super-sized me”, “explora like Dora” and “you disagree take the Tyson approach and bite me”. Any musician that manages to combine Spanish-speaking girls with talking back-packs and ear biting wife beaters has my vote. I’ve always been a big believer in the idea that rap and hip-hop were the sounds of summer. I realize it’s not summer yet, but my iPod thinks it is, so who am I to say no.


Michon said...

amen amen AMEN! i SO miss the rap offs...not to mention remember that one time where black jenny busted out and blasted Its Over Now 112?? That day was life changing...I MISS YOU! I still LOVE the cd you made that was titled...The Best Rap CD true so true

jenny said...

Hey Mamaaa aaahhhh I wanna scream so loud fo you cuz I'm so proud of you.

AHHHHH! I love this blog. Can I just say that? Lately I've kind of suppressed that side of myself as well. I too will vow to bring it back! (PS- Kristin is in love with jt... like.. we're talkin black kristin) MISS YOU KRIZZ.