Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Head Gear

This weekend Harm and I were on the tube and this guy got on with a huge silver box that was a really odd shape. Naturally we were curious as to what was in this box and we made several guesses from a single shirt to a huge cake. (when he dropped the box we hoped it wasn't a cake) The name printed on the mystery box was Philip Treacy. Harm looked him up and as it turns out he is a fantastic hat maker. The picture above shows just four of many many hats on the site. I can only think of one event where these would be worn, and that is Ascot (a really really posh horse racing event). This lead me to the conclusion that I one need that polka-dot hat and two need to figure out a place to wear it.


Annalise said...

I love the hats! We should totally go to Ascot one of these years.

Michon said...

oh my gosh...those are probably the coolest hats ive ever seen...i love the polka dot one