Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jesus Walks

Yesterday amidst my half day off I was reading some articles about malachite and listening to some tunes. For some reason I decided to organize my music by songs most played just to see how much time I had wasted listening to my top played songs. Turns out I have listened to Jesus Walks a grand total of 189 times. 189 times!!!!! Let's consider for a moment that that song is roughly 3 minutes. This means that I've spent nearly 9 hours of my LIFE listening to this one song. It was at this moment that I truly believed my blog subtitle, "A blog devoted to useless dribble, incoherent thoughts and general ridiculousness" was the new tagline I should start attaching to my life. That said, I think I'll listen to it one more time.


Annalise said...

Well that is a really good song. I wonder what my most played song is. Probably something by Abba, the Carpenters, Kelly Clarkson or something equally as embarrassing.

jenny said...

I left a song on repeat once. When I left the house.. So I have "listened" to JT/TI-My Love 228 times. Totally incorrect, but I have listened to it a TON...or else I wouldn't know the entire TI rap. (which i doo) WOOT!