Sunday, March 04, 2007

An Excellent Weekend

Well this weekend turned out to be pretty sweet. Harm and I arrived in London on Saturday around noon and headed right to Portobello Road. We walked all the way down to the bridge and had a lovely lunch at Falafel King which was excellent. Next we went to Trafalgar Square and visited the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery. You will all be sad to know that the David Beckham portrait is no longer there. After that we had dinner at Bella Italia followed by a movie in Leicester Square. (a long but excellent day)

Next we headed to our hostel (YHA Thameside) where Harm was given his own 6 person room with ensuite bath, and I was handed a key to a room with 5 other girls. BUT thanks to some shameless eyelash batting I was able to secure my very own empty 6 person room as well.

Sunday Harm went to a 2 hour church service called Hillsong which I believe was basically a christian rock concert (if there is such a thing)...needless to say I opted out for that part of the day and went to Covent Garden where I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I also went for a slice of 1pound pizza and was shocked to find out that it is now 1.49 now, so if you are planning on eating nothing but pizza next time you're in London make sure to account for this price change. Next we headed to the Tate Britain (which I haven't visited in a long time) and I remembered why as it is mostly filled with Turner paintings. All in all I must say it was an excellent weekend filled with museums, good food, and excellent company.


Annalise said...

I cannot describe the jealousy that is surging through my veins. I'm so happy you had a good time in London (you definitely needed a good fun break) but I would be even happier if I had been with you!

Michon said...

i agree with annalise...but am surprised you werent down for a christian rock concert service! maybe next time! hahahah! I really wish i could be cast in your reality show...i'd even be a camera girl...