Friday, March 09, 2007

I miss the NBA

I recently decided to catch up on some Sports Guy columns and had the privledge of reading his Hip Hop Woodstock article. I'm sure everyone has read it and knows how amazing that weekend must have been. This article caused me to check up on my dear friends, the Mavs. 16 wins in a row!!!!! I mean I've been checking all season and slowly watching their skill reach new levels, but I couldn't be happier that they squashed D. Wade's big ass ego and sent him crying to his mama. Way to go guys, I have never been more proud.


Jackie said...

i am thinkin that if we have any money left over from the trip we can buy a ridiculously cheap ticket to one of their games. just a thought :)

jenny said...

Ah I wish you could have watched tonight. We beat the lakes by more than 30. It was beautiful. I also wish you were here to eat those damned eggs with me. I LOVE THEM. Remember last time? Except we washed them down with marshmallow bunnies from the bookstore. MISS YOU K.