Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Been a long time since I made a list

Things I sometimes find myself missing (aside from the obvious family and friends)
1. 32oz. Diet Cokes
2. Driving a car
3. Target
4. Target....it must be mentioned twice
5. Having a job....I'm sure that will change once I have one again
6. The Office......I still need to see last season
7. Meeting Jenny at PetsMart
8. My large collection of shoes that are collecting dust in my closet at home
9. Did I mention Target?
10. Shenanigans in general


Jacqueline said...

a night of Chinese Chicken Salad, a yummy dessert, and a movie... that's what i've missed

Annalise said...

Things in England that I miss:

1. The Tube
2. European coke
3. Fizzy piglets
4. Kristi
5. Cheap good Indian food
6. Hanging out at Trafalgar Square
7. H&M
8. Kristi
9. Reading in Hyde Park
10 Did I mention Kristi?

jenny said...

Dude. Let's go to Petsmart! I'll bring you a 32 oz diet coke and we can head to target!!!!

PS I quit the juice. I'm on caff free dc... which is basically like watered down dc. Since Christmas. Life is still rough.