Thursday, August 21, 2008

Liver and Bacon

Yesterday Sonia was going into town and kindly offered to give me a lift as I was about to run out of contact solution. So in we went and she had a physio appointment so I had some time to stroll around Chichester for a bit to kill time. When she returned I had some good stuff including Chicken Tikka Masala and green beans for my dinner. She mentioned that she would have invited me to dinner at hers, but Stephen was cooking liver and bacon (which she knew I would not eat), therefore I was not invited. I told her about what I had bought to eat and she offered to let me come to her house and eat there (my dinner) while they had their liver and bacon. While we were all eating it crossed my mind that maybe I should try a little bit just to make sure I did in deed not like it, however in the end my brain could not let go of the fact that it was LIVER.....and I thought to myself, you have all your life to try this, why not wait until next time.


Jackie said...

nancy reagan called. she said she proud of you for just saying no.

Annalise said...

I agree, say NO!