Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Day Out

So I mentioned that I would write about my little trip to London to see The Merry Wives of Windsor, and now I shall. On Saturday Catherine and I took the train up to London and had a little lunch at Borough Market before walking over to the theatre. It was raining a little, just that misty kind of rain, but by the time we arrived for the show it was full on raining. The Globe has an open top and as standing tickets were only 5 pounds we were the "groundlings" of the theatre as in standing right under the hole where the rain was coming in. The show did go on and two "emergency ponchos" were purchased so we watched the play in our stylish clear plastic bags.

I really enjoyed it and all the actors and costumes were fantastic. The story is about a man who moves into town with very little money and decides to court two wealthy women to relieve him of his poverty. He sends the exact same letter to each woman and as they are friends they tell one another only to find out that they are both being courted by the same man with the same letter. In retaliation they decided to play lots of tricks on him including convincing him to hide in a giant laundry basket that is dumped into the Thames and dressing up as a fat old woman. It turned out to be very funny and enjoyable in spite of the rain and a very fun day out.


Annalise said...

Oh darn, I was hoping for a picture of you in a poncho. Oh well. It looks like fun! Although I didn't really enjoy the groundling experience when I went to the Globe. I think next time I'll get an actual seat.

Anonymous said...

FUN! Jealous.

See other blog for my rappa songs.


Ne_Yo- Can we Chill?

^ Nothin will get yo booty shakin like that. It is such a fun dancin jam. Like one we would have maxed out in the pt cruisa. It's a good'n