Friday, December 16, 2005

Bono, Person of the Year!

For those of you who have not heard, Bono has been named one of the persons of the year by Time Magazine! I would have posted the cover picture, but he didn't look as cool as he does in this one, plus he shares the cover with Bill Gates and his wife....(not sure what her name is).

Now, let me report on the concert, which was AMAZING! Kanye came first, and lets face it Salt Lake City, Utah isn't exactly the home of gangsta' rap, so he didn't receive much love from the crowd. Actually, most of the crowd wasn't even present for his killa performance. But!, have no fear, Kanye told us, " I can tell you rock, I could tell by ya charm." So he was feelin' us...and vice versa. I cannot stress enough how hot that man is....which is why I have included him in my photo montage.

Moving on. U2! Best performance I've seen! I may have only seen them one other time, but if it is even possible they were more amazing this time around. The stage was really cool, the main stage was a circle, and then they had another stage that was a huge ring, so people were in the middle (lucky ducks!). Needless to say every song was fantastic and the crowd was really into it. Jackie and I were a little worried because the guys next to us were really sucky during Kanye but they got more lively when U2 came out. (they were clearly not fans of Mr. West...suckas)

I have also included a picture of "The Edge" in the montage because he is my new celebrity crush. How can someone be so amazing at guitar! It boggles the mind...and makes him really hot! I could go on an on about this forever, but I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing it. So let me take this time to get on my soap box for a second.

Bono said something really profound during the concert regarding war and basically the struggles going on in the world. "Don't become a monster to kill a monster." I really like that quote and just thought all of you should hear it too.

Anyway, sorry to get all serious for a second there. The rest of my weekend was pretty good. Jackie and I made a little Chinese chicken salad, watched a little Love Actually. I did some Christmas shopping, bought a "black thing" as Jenny and I call them, although mine is more of an oatmeal color, and J I love it. I worked on my quilt which is not going well, I've had to rip out a ridiculous number of seams. I'm hoping that this section is the one where I will make all the mistakes and then the other three will work like clock's hoping.

So...this has been a really long entry in the blog, better be off. Let me leave you with a quote about my new celebrity crush.

"A woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle, and I guess I'm always going to need the Edge!"
-Bono, Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World, Stockholm, 1992


Katy :) said...

Well as we all know I am not one of many words...they dont come as naturally to me as the rest. I do enjoy reading these blogs and what not though...they keep me occupied at work and lets face it they are fun! Any who, Merry Chrismakha to all! Loves!

jenny said...

Lets give em something to blog about? AMAZING. I am so glad the concert was amazing. I tried to keep my tears in this time around for Stone. I realized that I really really like that movie. I think it is just swell. I love movies that make you cry and make you laugh. Good stuff.. This morning we decorated the tree. Im glad they waited for us. ItS BEAUTIFUL! Kristin and I had fun using the tree skirt as turbans and mumu's. We have pictures to boot. I was workin my British accent and my mom said HEY! THATS REALLY GOOD. and kristin said REALLY!? THAT?! MOM THEY DONT SOUND LIKE THAT!!! it was fun. then we got some mamas pizza. and now im gonna paint. Good day. Good day. Hope all is well! IM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR TAN THING! Where did you find it? I want another one. OK MUCH LOVE! PAyce.

annalise said...

So the concert sounds like it was incredible...glad you had so much fun! And that's cool that Bono was named Man of the Year, totally deserves it. Oh, and Bill Gates' wife's name is Melinda, fyi. And what is the "black thing" that is actually tan that you purchased recently? Another query: Is Lost new this week anyone? It's gonna be sad watching it alone here. So the Stone movie was pretty cool that I missed it. Although Steve and I ended up renting "Crash" & watching it that night. Kristi, that movie pissed me off. Very good, but way too depressing! If that little girl had gotten shot....oh man I don't think I could have handled that. Well dudes, I'm outa here. Bises!