Tuesday, December 13, 2005

First Entry

Well, first entry in my new blog. So far nothing to say really, I'm not sure what these are for. I'm not even sure why I decided to start a blog, I guess it's mostly because I get really bored at work and since I'm here 8 hours a day I figure a blog can fill at least 15 minutes of the day.....that's not enough to make any sort of dent, but oh well. That was a really long sentence. I went and saw Narnia last night with two friends. I have to say that I was not the least bit excited to see that movie, but after seeing it I really want to read the books, I probably should have read the book first because I'm sure it's ruined now. Ok, I realize this is a really random and short post, but I want to see what it looks like in the actual blog, so here it goes.


K said...

So I have book marked your blog and I will check back frequently. Don't dissappoint.

ps I think Narnia is going to be cool.

K said...

Blog Blog Blog. See how they run. The Blog went over the blogidy blog. Blog Blog Blog Blogity Blog Blog Blog. (Sung to Three Blind Mice). Well, I am stoked for this blog because it will give me something to do during the day. I think I shall perhaps make a blog of my own. It is now time to watch Apprenti with you. Much love. Peace. And Send Kanye my love. diamonds are forevaaaaaaaaa