Thursday, December 15, 2005

Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart.....

Another day another eight hours to fill. Let me first address the most important thing that happened yesterday (aside from burning a cd with 2 versions of Last Christmas, amazing) the Mavs won! In an amazing spectacle of athleticism, our dear Mav-ies beat poor Nashy and his Suns....sucka!

Moving on, Saturday is quickly approaching, aka, Kristi gets to see Kanye and U2! Needless to say I'm a little excited to see "Jesus Walk" "Where the Streets Have No Name" and end up sitting down to break bread with a "Gold Digga'" (that was so sacrilegious) I found an interesting "fact" about Bono this morning and you are all lucky enough to learn it as well.

"The star was also nominated last month for a Nobel Peace Prize, one of 166 nominees that includes Pope John Paul the Second, Secretary of State Colin Powell and famed sitar master Ravi Shankar. Bono was asked about the nomination at the Hall of Fame induction, and he shrugged it off saying, "'Rock star' is already having the cream of the cake," but added, "although it would be nice to beat that bastard Ravi Shankar. That dude's free ride is coming to an end. F him."

Haha, so that isn't so much a fact as a portion of an article from The Daily Show web site...which I encourage everyone to visit as it will provide many laughs.


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jenny said...

739? Sad. That is an EARLY BLOGGER. Well, I have my art history exam in T minus 5 hours. Im basically going to fail and write whatever comes to my little brain. I hope you have a wonderful day.
5. Blog it up
4. I aint sayin you a Blog digga
3. Last Christmas, I gave you my blog.
2. Wake me up, before you Blog Blog
1. I could blog that down.