Friday, December 30, 2005

Ode to the Coolest Albino Donut Eater I Know.....i think you know who i'm talking about

Dear Donut-Eater,

So sorry to offend. Did not mean harm in dedicating my last entry to two certain individuals who will remain nameless so as to not offend. As mentioned in the comment to your latest post, your blogging is reaching Oscar-quality levels and I fully intend on doing something amazing with them. Whether it be submitting them to Ellen, the Nobel Prize board, or SNL, something will happen with all that hard work. In honor of Jenny's home video post I was going to put up this amazing old family picture up, but our scanner is on the fritz so I will have to describe it in word.

Imagine a Westberg family photo circa 1988 on the 4th of July. We are all standing in front of my dad's ten speed bike that is decorated for the Plano 4th Ward Annual 4th of July Bike Parade. A sign that says Grand Marshall on the front, circles of red and white crape paper woven through the spokes of his tires, ect. My dad is wearing an American flag top hat, a red shirt and white polyester warm up pants. I am in a red and white striped tee AND shorts. My mom's hair is as big as her head, Jenna is wearing a shirt with some sort of metal embroidered on the pocket, and Jill has on a belt buckle that is covered in red white and blue curly ribbon in a huge wad. It's amazing! I wish I could make the scanner work!

Anyway, that is my big family memory for the day. Needless to say we had a new family picture taken on Wednesday, although I'm not sure it can top the one described above.

Better be off, peace, love and 4th of July bike parades forever!


jenny said...

SAWEET. Awesome blog. Love the blog, love the picture, love the blogger, love it. I found some sweet P4 Parade pics as well. Mostly on tricycles. Good times. I am most certainly roostifarian tonight. I will stick to my word and it will be done new years day. I can try to have it done in time for our partay, but I am not making ANY promises. Sorry its taken 2 months. As we both know, this semester was a lil rough for me.. Hales gave me a B- which I accepted with open arms. American Heritage was not as kind to me. hahaha.. Moving on, I will see you TOMORROW!!! YES. Sweet blogging. keep up the good work!

Annalise said...

Hey so glad you found my blog! You really should bring a copy of that picture up to Provo. It sounds AMAZING! Talk about patriotic. Well I'll probably talk to you next in a week when I'm back at work. I'll be in Canada this whole next week skiing. Enjoy the rest of your time off & keep bloggin'! Focker out.