Wednesday, December 28, 2005

another boring post

This post is dedicated to Michon and Annalise....and their questions and comments. First of all, Annalise! I can't believe you do not know what the Magic Bullet is! Visit this site and prepare to be dazzled!

Secondly, Brokeback Mountain....seems like an interesting movie. Today I actually saw a promo for it and there was a quote from some newspaper that said it was "one of America's most beautiful love stories." I picture it as something much different, however, I would like to broaden my horizons and see it with you if you would like. Here's the catch, if you go see it with Steve and do not tell me about it, you're in BIG trouble.

Third, a huge congratulations on finishing 24! I'm sure that you are pumped to see the new season now. Rogue Jack!

Fourth, I'm heading back to Utah on the 2nd, well before anyone else, so when all of ya'll get back get ready to party with Kristi and her Magic Bullet.

Fifth, Michon! How was your Hawaiian getaway?! I can only imagine how tan you are and I'm already jealous. Truthfully I haven't read the blog yet, but it will happen soon, no worries. Get some sleep girl! You're gonna need it for when I get back!

Better be off. My dad is leaving work and I'm riding his coat tails home.



Michon said...

hawaiian tan is fading but hell im still tanner than before! on your comments about BrokeMtn...i could possibly see it with you if ya want...i'm always down for odd movies. umm...sleep...well im workin on it...but im goin to i-daho tomorrow and i probably wont sleep there...HAPPY NEW YEARS...i love that holiday/celebration/milestone...hopefully dick clark can get out there!! i cant wait to see the MAGIC BULLET...awesome i know what you're talkin about...i want one too...but i think my parents think im kidding... well i gotta go sort out everything i got at target...haha yes ive already spent my gift cards

Annalise said...

Alright, the magic bullet...sounds like an amazing invention & I can't wait to see it in action. Apparently I need to watch more infomercials.

Don't worry, I am pretty sure that Steve is anti-Brokeback. Most guys seem to be. I'll be honest, half of the reason I want to see it is because the guys look so gosh darn good in their little cowboy garb. So yeah...let's go see it. Michon- you definitely should come too.

Yeah, 24 is AMAZING. Have you seen my blog? I dedicated a whole post to the show & am wicked excited about the next season.

Okay, I'm confused about the statement "I'm riding his coat tails home". Whatever the h that means. Must be racher lingo.

Love ya!

jenny said...

To Michon and annalise?! What Am I ? CHOPPED LIVER?!?!?! LAME. If you want your rooster in a couple days, you besssstttt straighten up and blog right. I have written some doozies that you need to read, and I am going to the MAVS GAME TOMORROW! H YES. Kristi, I MISS YOU! When can we play!??! Hows kate? You have to meet the baby! he leaves saturday! Ok that is all. LOVE YOU!
- me