Thursday, August 03, 2006

Check Yes or No

The blogging is going downhill; I'm the first to admit this. I applied for my visa yesterday, an interesting process. Several of the questions were pretty funny and got me thinking. One question asked flat out if I was associated with or participated in terrorist activities. Not to knock on the application process or its writing staff, but what terrorist in their right mind would check the yes box on that one?

Maybe I don't understand the terrorrist/terrorrism process enough to see a reason why that box would be checked. As far as I'm concerned you'd have to be the worst terrorist in the world to check that box. I decided to create a list of possible reasons why this box would be checked:

1. New to terrorism...don't know the proper etiquette
2. Accidentally licked the envelope filled with anthrax before you went to fill out the form leaving you in an altered state of consciousness.
3. Drunk after attending terrorrpoluza.
4. Trying to impress terrorist friends.
5. Accidentally checked "yes" while day dreaming of having tea with Osama in his VIP cave.

I think my blog might get picked up by ECHELON today...I'm a little scared.


jenny said...


Michon said...

your blog always makes me laugh! there is no way you are going downhill my only go up.
p.s. i'd like to say hello to the govt who is now probably monitoring this blog...welcome to the readership

k town said...

you know a blog is good when you've already had a conversation about the topic and it STILL makes you laugh out loud. good stuff, monte

Annalise said...

Hahaha...terrorpoluza. That's a good one! This post has definitely put you back on the blogging map. Keep up the good work!