Wednesday, August 30, 2006

10 Reasons Why My Friends are SO Kick-A:

1. They successfully planned a surprise party that I had NO idea about.
2. They HAND MADE Big Ben and West Dean
3. They were planning to go to Cracker Barrel BEFORE I even posted my blog yesterday....see, we do go there for any reason!
4. I was greeted by Jenny in a Big Ben costume...AMAZING!
5. Annalise made a HUGE AMAZING bowl of trifle...ahh the good old days.
6. My castle was perched on rolling hills of fluffy green rug!
7. There were TWO plates of various British goodies!
8. The castle LITERALLY had a draw bridge!
9. Jackie told me an awesome lie about a lonely friend who she texted a joke sneaky!
10. When they found out I was actually buying chips and salsa Jackie called them and they all giggled because they knew they had got away with guys are so funny!

Thank you all so much! I had an awesome time! I love you all!


Annalise said...

I think that was LITERALLY the best party I've been to in a really long time. It was so much fun! Thanks for bringing the chips and salsa!

jenny said...

hahaha Those chips were delicious! I make a pretty kick-a clock. I don't know what in the world I am going to do with the darn thing. Regardless, it was a great partay. We love you K!

Katy said...

Dude I missed it...sad. I am sure you got lots of good pictures that you are going to post though once you get to Texas!! 2 days!!! Weird huh. This summer really flew by here at the end. I want to see pictures of this amazing event!!! Miss you all :)

Michon said...

it was the best british party IVE EVER BEEN TO! LITERALLY....say literally again! love you!! miss you already!

k town said...

good times all around for our friend Kristi, good time girl! Love you

k town said...

what a fun, sexy time for you!

jenny said...

f kristin., she beat me to it. I just said bye to you and I am sad. Drive safe. LOVE YOU

jess said...

Sounds like I missed more good times with Krizzle. I think you need to post some pictures of the gifts for those of us who couldn't make it to the big bash!

Annalise said...

Did you get home okay? How are things???? I'm just sitting here bored at work wishing you could keep me company via the internet. Miss you!!! :(