Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Miss you miss you

Well my time here is getting short...as in I have 3 days left. It's amazing to me how fast 10 months can go. It's even more amazing when I think about how slow an 8 hour block of my day can go sometimes. If these ten months went that slowly I figure I would be somewhere around the 4 month mark.

Here is a list of things I'm going to miss three days from now:

1. Adam, Andy, Annalise, Jackie, Jenny, Katy, Kristin, Michon (notice those are in alphabetical order so as to avoid offending)
2. Poker parties
3. Watching the Daily 10 with Katy (I already miss that)
4. Scatagories, Georgia O’Keefe, and various other Halloween costumes.
5. Visits to Cracker Barrel for pretty much any reason.
6. Trips to New York with Jackie.
7. Watching Office, Grey's, Lost, 24, occasionally The Loop, ANTM, Runway, Alias (even though that's over), Jep, and all the MANY MANY other shows we watch.
8. Movies and PB on Saturday morning.
9. Craft Saturdays
10. Trips to Target for no reason
11. Bike rides with Jackie
12. Watching obscure movies with Annalise
13. Movie night at J & K's
14. Playing Mario Kart and having to sit 3 feet away from the screen because it's so big
15. Making books with Kristin
16. Picking names for Christmas and then trading for who you want
17. Quilting with Katy
19. Quoting random lines from movies
20. Having lyric knowledge contests with Black Jenny

Let's face it I could do this all day. I'm going to miss everything about the last 10 months, even the stuff that I hated. Because let's face it even the things I hate about this place can't be trumped by the fact that I got to spend 10 more months with all of you.


k town said...

man, K I'm going to cry! I'm really excited for you, which makes it harder to be pissed that you have to leave.

Amen to everything you said, and throw on the fact that we never got to reprise White Trash Sunday.

jenny said...

I'm already crying. K TOWN! It will be ok. I'll see you at Christmas, and then again when I'm touring London in the spring. What was White Trash Sunday? Was I there? I will also miss Subway, Sonic cokes, crappy matinee flicks, and my Bk burger buddy/mentor.

Tears and Cheers,

jenny said...

Dear Monty,

Provo will suck even harder without you.


Annalise said...

Thanks for making me cry! Thank goodness I have my own office here. I'm going to say what I said yesterday..."DON'T GO!!!"
I'm going to miss you so much. But you gotta go, it's going to be so amazing and I'd probably be pissed if you wimped out, so GO! Leave us all behind to mourn our loss. Make sure you blog every day and keep in touch. And we'll all have a big party in Europe when we come visit!

Arrested Development Season 3 comes out today. If you weren't leaving in 3 days, you know what we would do on saturday? Watched the entire season in 1 sitting. That's the type of stuff I'm going to miss!

Michon said...

my gosh i'm sad! who will i complain to about my job? who else will meet me at rumbi's?? man...i agree with k though...i cant be upset when i know you're going to a mansion school! by the way thats where i'm telling people you go! i am so glad we became better friends in the past 10 months! i'm just sad that now i have to go to movies multiple times by myself!!
love you!

Katy said...

Well I am glad I am not the only one about to cry...I was going to blame it on the baby but I guess that wont work. I miss so much of that (the daily 10 is no fun by myself...I often find myself about to ask you a question or comment on something just said and no one is around...sad). That was such a great list of stuff...I couldnt have said it better myself!!

khaki said...


i'm working my way back from the time when the internet was so violently taken away from me. so this is a bit late.

of course i'll start out with "i miss you." hands down, this week i've missed my friend more than ever before. i know you are doing something so amazing with your life; you are making it happen. it's just we have been friends for so long now. we've stuck by each other, even when we've wanted to quit. we are the friends that can be honest to each other, we can be our true selves and not worry about it. i'm going to miss someone laughing at my jokes (not many people do). i'm going to miss our adventures, whether it be getting on a foreign bus or practicing stunt doubling. most of all, i am going to miss someone who unconditionally loves me, even with all my faults.

thanks for being such a good friend.