Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Feeling things out.

eye sign
This morning I woke up at 6am...not because my alarm went off, or the stupid kids down the street were launching off fireworks, or even because I had to go to the bathroom. My right eye woke me up at 6am!

It kept watering and watering and watering and I couldn't even open it. Missing work is not an option so I got up and took a shower with my eyes closed, which turned out to be a surprisingly easy task. Until I had to shave my legs at which point I opened my left eye and hoped for the best.

It continued watering after I did all the things I could think of to make it in I washed my face and put a lot of saline in it. That's pretty much all I could think of.

Two hours later it finally stopped.


jenny said...

The best part of this blog is that photo. Amazing.

Annalise said...

I've been chatting with you for several hours now and you didn't even mention the eye problem? Man, you must be really busy at work.

Claty said...

whoa...that is not cool. sorry dude. i was starting to think that you were going to say that it was something i was doing...aka sleep talking/walking...that woke you up...good thing. hope this isnt a recurring thing. :(

Michon said...

eyes are a funny the one on the unfinished pyramid...speaking of...think i need to watch treasure