Monday, August 07, 2006

Continuing saga involving "the crazy lady"

If you recall my March 8, 2006 entry (and I'm sure you all do), I listed off "Five Things I See Everyday on My Way to Work:"

Number three went a little something like this "This creepy lady at the bus stop by the creepy gas station who always waves to me."

Well in the 5 months since I posted that tidbit of information the creepy lady has only become creepier. The creepiness went from waving, to smirking, to bowing, to pointing, and culminated last week when she pointed at me and stuck out her long pointy devil tongue.

After that particular gesture I wanted to throw my car in reverse, take my piece of buttered toast and chuck it at her head. BUT seeing how she has been dubbed "the creepy lady" the rational portion of my brain urged me to keep driving for fear that the next time I opened my blinds in the morning she would be standing there pointing, bowing and tongue wagging.

Nevertheless I have come up with a plan that will enable me to get the last laugh or gesture if you will. On my last day of work, or maybe even the second to last day I plan to give her the old Janis Ian one two...for those unfamiliar that is a friendly wave followed by the popular French up yours motion.

Let me just say that I realize how pathetic and ridiculous this post is and that my JI motion will in no way effect this lady, but I'm the one that had to see her day in and day out and I'm gonna do it!

(Is it just me or am I starting to sound crazy?)


Claty said...

Kristi is turning into the creepy lady...oh no...good thing i am moving out soon. Is there some way to plant a video recorder of some kind in the car so we can see how this all goes down???? Just a thought. PR tonight???????

k town said...

oh you're crazy and I likes it! i agree with katy, i'd like to see creepy lady, the up yours in action, and the look on your face when crazy lady chases you up state street on a pogo stick

jenny said...

Is Kristin trying to sound like Smeagle? Because she did. And secondly, I'm worried for you and the crazy lady. Seriously, I'm terrified. You painted such a creepy image in my head.. I don't know if I should congratulate you or call the police. Good luck man.

Annalise said...

Judging from our previous experience with crazy ladies, be prepared to get some pizza thrown in your face. Seems like this lady is on drugs too.