Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Rejected from the passport photo lab.

I went to Target today on my lunch break to get my passport photo taken. When I told the chick what I wanted she said me that her manager had to take those and that she was gone for the day. Why would the manager be the only person allowed to take passport photos?

I found this confusing and in true Kristi fashion I decided to come up with a list of 5 reasons why only the Manager of the Target Portrait Studio would be able to take on this important job.

1. Has attitude...was rejected from Slurpee Heaven and decided to take out her wrath on unimposing people in need of passport photos.
2. She has a good eye for passport photos, it's her specialty
3. She has a top notch camera with biometric access and only a drop of her blood will make the shutter go.
4. She was named Target's passport photographer of the year and now the other employees can't take the pressure.
5. Her secret hobby involves photoshopping passport photos and morphing people into B list celebrities.

Well, looks like I'll be going to Kinko’s or Passport Piazza to get these things taken, Target you missed out.


Claty said...

Dude that is so lame...come on Target...figure it out! You should wear the scarf for the is really a good look for you!! Seriously. Anyways, good luck Passporting it.

Annalise said...

Come on, you're actually going to a passport photo professional? We could just wander around the mall again looking for a white wall and then realize that we could take them in your room. Hey, it worked last time.

jenny said...

I think its definitely number 5. AWESOME.

Michon said...

slurpee gosh kristi i love you...and where did you find that that the creepy lady?