Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The first time I had this dream I thought I was going crazy....the second time I knew I had arrived in Crazyville.

I've had this dream several times where I'm one of the X-Men. Not an actual X-Man, because I have no powers and no cool super hero getup. Instead I spend all my time running away from people with amazing wind producing powers and flame throwing abilities. The dream has ended the same way both times. I make it home and I get in the shower and then this pack of wolves (like in Narnia) come at me through the house and the window in my bathroom. This morning when the wolves got to me one of them turned into a dude in a Smoky the Bear costume. Then my alarm went off and I basically couldn't breathe. What is wrong wit me?!


Annalise said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaa. That's a good one.

jenny said...

Dude. It's something in the water. Kristin and I were just discussing the MESSED UP dreams we've been having lately. Like, REALLY Scary stuff. I fell down an elevator shaft. Only it wasn't a shaft, but a big octagonal room with an elevator in the middle, with no sides. I fell off the side and went allll the way down only to be greeted by Ryan who offered me a taco.

Michon said...

i love dreams...and i love that you remember yours