Sunday, January 01, 2006

I dare say these are the best boiled potatoes I have ever had.

Mr. Darcy: You must know... surely, you must know it was all for you. You are too generous to travel with me. I believe you spoke with my aunt last night, and it has taught me to hope as I'd scarcely allowed myself before. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love... I love... I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.

Ms. Westberg: H yes! I'll be Mrs. MacFadyen anyday.

Because it's the first day of 2006 I thought I would take some time to reflect on a few amusing things that have happened in the last year. Here it goes:

1. When Jack Bauer went rogue.
2. When Annalise and I were eating pizza on our front porch in London and this lady went postal on us and sent our dinner flying in the air.
3. When Jenny and Michon revealed the true name of “Girl Jeans”
4. When I found out that his real name is Seve McGooglebie
5. When Kristin called me in London, I loved that day.
6. The “Spiderman” episode of the OC
7. Jenny’s soccer themed birthday party…..was that 2005? Not sure.
8. When we all became obsessed with Lost.
9. Ashley’s wedding
10. When Michon and I provided warm up music for your soccer games…..amazing picks Michon.
11. When Annalise told the guy at Pizza Hut her name was Pepperoni. (is it just me, or do lots of things go wrong when Annalise and I eat pizza)
12. When I got my job in Provo and got to move back up near all you cool cats.
13. When Ashley and I actually graduated. (props to Ash for doing it on time)
14. When I fell down the stairs on Tower Bridge.
15. When Jackie called me to make plans to see a movie a month in advance, man that girl’s funny.
16. When Kristin and I opened up the Brotha / Cracka sweatshop.
17. When Bridget and I took sewing together and pretty much messed up everything we made.
18. When Adam played host to Katy and I and I spilled his precious French vanilla hot cocoa on myself and Katy.
19. When Andy dressed up as Jenny for Halloween.
20. When I discovered the art of blogging and started the revolution.

So there's a little recap of some amusing things from this year. Most of those are pretty recent, which proves that my memory is crap, but fun none the less.


jenny said...

OH MY GOSH. 2005 was pretty kick-a now that I think of it. AMAZING BLOG. I thank you for getting me hooked. I thank and salute you. who knows what 06 holds? ...Perhaps the unveiling of seve mcgoogleby's long lost twin, or tony from 24's heart stopping and him coming back to life a miraculous 6 days later. Who knows. I've enjoyed your blog, as I hope you do mine. PEACE.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love boiled potatoes?! That Mattie MacFayden is HOTSTUFF!! Anyway, I have to be anonymous, since I am an outsider of the "blog" universe, but it's Krizzle II. Thanks for the shoutout--I loved our transatlantic phonecall this summer as well! Good times. Hope you get back to provolone safely, and we'll see you soon!!

jenny said...

oh my goonah. I emailed cuban, and he wrote me back. I sent him my blog address... and I told him that he needs to blog about Al Whitley, buttslapper... So , He wrote me back and said he could not discuss the secrets of the whitley.. But he said "GREAT BLOG, ILL MAKE SURE WHITS SEES IT" .. So yeah, cuban read my blog and hes going to show it to the butt slapper.. My life is complete. I LOVE YOU! HAVE FUN IN P TOWN #2.

Michon said...

K!! your bloggin is so awesome i just cant wait to read them!! not to mention my name is popping up in them!!! AWESOME...05 was so great...lets make 06 better and ya...I MISS YOU!!!