Monday, May 08, 2006

Churros, Chimichangas, Guacamole, and a Donkey

Cinco de Mayo, the the 5th of May. I really have no idea what Cinco de Mayo is celebrating, but I do know that it is not Mexican Independence day as many believe. I actually read a whole article about the day on Friday and have retained nothing but the fact that it is not Mexican Independence Day. Regardless we celebrated the day of non-independence and it was a very memorable experience.

Jackie was kind enough to purchase a lovely donkey piƱata from the Mexican store. Keep in mind this store does not sell actual Mexicans. Sadly the donkey was red, white and blue…not the red, white and green you would think it would be, but it still did the job. We couldn’t find a hole to put the candy inside so Jackie took the liberty of creating her own hole, an ass hole if you will. Here she is filling said donkey through said hole.

puBecause we didn’t have a tree to hang it from or a bat to swat at it we decided to play baseball with donkey and use a golf club as the bat. It doesn’t get more ghetto (or amazing) than this.

Here’s Katy at the bat.

donkey baseball
It only took one hit to do the thing in and this is how I decided to use the legs.

Good Cinco de Mayo.


Annalise said...

Looks like a barrel of laughs (similar to a barrel of monkeys but more fun). 24 tonight..woot woot.

jenny said...

hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa a hole.. hahahahah through said hole.. oh man, this was a good blog, my friend... a mighty fine blog.