Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Do it again but bop better!

Thanks to a little online store called areyougame.com, amazing name by the way, I am now the owner of Bop It Extreme 2! A souped up version of the original Bop It Extreme that now has new features, including volume control. Everyone should go ahead and thank Hasbro for this new feature because without it you would get to hear the racecar steering wheel shout "spin it!, flick it!, twist it!,"do it again but bop better! and many other lovely yet ridiculously loud commands and insults.

Let me apologize in advance to Katy as she will have to hear the brunt of this shouting. BUT, if you're nice I might let you play too and we could even play against one another. Does anyone else smell good times, because I do.


Claty said...

Bring it!!!!!

Claty said...

Bring it!!

jenny said...

I am glad im not there to hear that thing. I'd totally "Break It" I MISS YOU KRIZZLE. SO MUCH!