Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Heart Devin

Devin Harris
Last night was a rough night, but it's gotta be said, Devin Harris played an amazing game. Sometimes he's on and sometimes he's off, but last night he was ON FIRE! Congrats Devin, I salute you.

Here's my take on Game 1. Remember Game 1 of the Spurs/Mavs series. We were off our game, maybe even a little too used to playing Memphis, a series devoid of true entertainment value. The rhythm was off the speed was messed up, things didn't go well. BUT we bounced back.

Give us another practice and Avery yelling some sweet nothings in everyone's ears and we're right back in the game.

One more thing. I heard the Dallas Morning News told fans to boo Nash, but he's Steve Nash a class act former Mav, big momba jomba, quick foot, long haired, MVP basketball playin' man. You can't boo Nash! After hearing about how sad Finley was when the Mavs fans booed him I can't bare to think that we are inflicting that kind of pain on dear little Nashy.


jenny said...

I DID NOT BOO NASH. I was there and did not boo. I'd say it was half and half.. half boo's half cheers, so it just sounded kinda like this, "wahbhooahowahh" It was an AMAZING GAMe. Harris played great. The sweet nothings should do em good though. TO FRIDAY! woo!

jenny said...

check this out. keep an eye on josh howard.

k town said...