Thursday, May 04, 2006

All hail Michael! You're one crazy ass mo fo, but at least Anna Lucia is dead. Props to Adam for calling that right before it happened, genius.

Last night was a ridiculous night of television. ANTM, Alias, Lost, Idol (which I don't really follow but now know that that one girl got kicked off), that's roughly 2 1/2 hours of my life that are gone and would never ask to get back. All in all an amazing night.


Claty said...

That was an amazing night of tv...and you cant forget the rio that was the icing on the cake!!!!!

jenny said...

AMEN TO THAT! I watched it by myself for the first time and was SO FREAKING SCARED. My gosh. I emailed heber to tell him I was correct about Michael, and he replied the words "That show is amazing. Holy crap." Nice. I gotta say, I was confused with the whole conversation between lucia and the other, and was confused as to what michael shot at the very end. Please clear this up for me. And I commmented on your other blog, so make sure you read it. and... Oh I found this quote for you.

"We can do it. We are deep. We can score. We play defense. And we have the big guy. We're ready." -jet.

my favorite part is "we have the big guy" AMEN. Dirk was on Pardon the Interruption. He is so FREAKING RAD. So humble. He's like "we dont want to let the sweep get to our heads. we have a lot of work ahead of us ".. it was amazing. i got chills. Ok Sorry, this is my blog for the day. LATAZ
j dub money slice fizzle dizzle tayhouse.

Anonymous said...

woot woot! ding dong the witch is dead. had to "scram" once and for all. good times, and may all our wednesday nights be as wonderful.

jenny, we miss you. michael shot himself in the arm to make it look like the Other had done it all and can get out. see you tomorrow!

k-town, not sure if we're "celebrating" (yes, I will continue to use the quotation marks) tonight or not.