Friday, May 05, 2006

Cloodle cloodle cloodle cloodle cloodle cloodle

Hoopla! Last night was yet another amazing night! First we played a round of Jeopardy and Andy kicked some serious butt as usual. Next the real fun began with a little game called Hoopla. There are four possible ways to play each card:

Tongue-Tied: "Funky. Footwear. Fashionable. Fad." … "It's platform shoes!" Brainstorm words that all start with the same letter to describe the card you're holding.

Soundstage: Why does your friend look like he's trying to hail a rescue plane while humming your school's fight song? He's acting out "cheerleader"! This activity encourages you to act out fun clues -- with sound effects!

Tweener: "It's bigger than a gladiator, but smaller than Rome." … "That's the Colosseum!" Craft a pair of clever clues to help teammates zero in on the answer.

Cloodle: Is that a drawing of a safari or animal crackers? Hey, it's the zoo! Get in touch with your inner artist as you sketch fun clues about the cards in your hand.

This may sound like another game of Cranium and frankly it is quite close but after recrafting the rules and throwing the timer out the window we were able to create some choice memories.

Here are my top five:

1. Katy crowd surfing on the couch while trying to act out "mosh pit"

2. Andy flexing, not flashing us, and pretending to be a boozer while trying to act out Marti Gras.

3. Me using the phrase "muppet flip top head" to help them get to Pez

4. Kristin's clue, "it's bigger than a biscuit
and smaller than the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man" Priceless!

5. Katy playing the pretend piano and saying "whooooo whoooo" in an effort to be Elton John.

Needless to say it was an AMAZING night that can not truly be described in words. Thank you Hoopla!


Claty said...

Well I can only imagine that my being on the list twice means that I have major issues(I blame it on Kristi for my increased Diet Coke consumption)...none the less it was a great night...I definitely burned many, many calories what with all of the laughing! Go Hooooopla!

Annalise said...

man, sounds like I missed out.

Anonymous said...

that really was amazing (and you HAVE to play by our rules. otherwise, it would be pretty tame). in retrospect, i think we must have been on something last night. whatever it was sign me up for seconds. anything to hear andy giggle like that. HOOPLAH!

jenny said...

cloodle cloodle cloodle cloodle cloodle. I wish everyone else could understand the pure genius and hilarty of the title alone. Man, Andy always wins jeopardy. Matt and I are currently playing..I am up 4-1. woot woot! KRIZZLE! I WISH I WOULD HAVE MADE THE LIST! Can we play in July!?!? I am so jealous.