Monday, May 15, 2006

Brady's and Toe Nails

Brady Bunch
Ok, this is post number two for today, but I have two stories I need to divulge to you.

Story 1: This weekend there was a 48 hour Brady Bunch marathon. I know what you're thinking and it is a lot of crazy Brady-ness. I was never a huge fan of the Brady’s and only watched when the other choice was MASH or other low caliber shows, however Katy turned it on Saturday morning and we kept coming back to it again and again. I spent a great deal of my weekend watching the Brady's going to the Grand Canyon, having a see-saw record breaking contest, building boys and girls club houses, getting stuck in a freezer, and having family photos taken, you name it I pretty much saw it.

The highlight of all the Brady’s would have to be when Katy described the Brady Bunch Reunion (which her family watches every Easter and she doesn't know why) to me where you find out what happened to all of them. To my dismay none of them went on to become drug addicts, alcoholics, or porn stars, but according to Katy one of them almost got a divorce...which was conveniently resolved by the end of the storyline.

toe tagStory 2: I decided to go get a pedicure this weekend since I wear flip flops most days now and people have to see my feet. Well the lady doing the pedicure told me that I cut my toe nails too short...something I don't have a problem with. Better too short than too long if you ask me.

Well, according to her cutting your toe nails too short is bad for your heart and can cause you to die. I know what you’re thinking this lady is crazy...and that is totally true. However, if I do die in the next couple weeks I want you all to make sure to tell the doctor that I cut my toe nails too short and not to bother with an autopsy.


Katy said...

The Brady Bunch is AWESOME!! I should look into purchasing it on DVD! My favorite episode is by far when they go to the Grand Canyon! It spans several episodes and they go to a ghost town and everything...oh the adventure!!!!!

Anyways, a little clarity please...we didnt watch A Very Brady Christmas during EASTER...I believe it was know it is set during the holidays! Great made for tv movie and I recommend it highly!!!!

Ummm and you got a pedicure this weekend????????????????????? That sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

stuck in a freezer, wasn't that punky brewster?

brillian post, K Town. you're a star!

Annalise said...

punky brewster...that's what I was thinking!
and ps the bradys at the grand canyon was pretty sweet

jenny said...

oh those brady's.

Anonymous said...
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