Wednesday, May 10, 2006

T-shirt Contest

Several weekends ago I decided that I was going to take my camera everywhere I went just in case I came upon something picture worthy. Much to my surprise I came in contact with several things that caught my eye. Some of them being a dragon fly (something I see very rarely), a man on a giant tricycle, and a gas station with gas prices that boggled my mind.

One other photo was this one:dressed up car
I parked next to this car at Target and couldn't get over the state the inside was in. First of all every seat in the car is wearing a t-shirt. If a person was wearing a t-shirt with that kind of low smiley face neckline you would either be witnessing a peep show or a hairy chest exhibition.

It also appears as though the person that owns the car lives on a steady diet of Wendy's. Only a small portion of the trash can be seen from this angle, but you can see at least three cups and two bags of trash from the Old Fashioned hamburger joint.

I'll admit this blog has literally no point whatsoever. And considering I failed to blog yesterday you would think this would be a stellar entry, but I feel as though I have failed to reach even the sub-genius level. To fill the void I will now post the picture of the dude on the huge tricycle.



Annalise said...

"To fill the void I will now post the picture of the dude on the huge tricycle."......GOLDEN. That car is sick, yet strangely now I'm craving some Wendy's.

Anonymous said...

but what were the gas prices!!!

Anonymous said...

I so want his basket. I am now officially jealous of the guy.

that basket tricycle man.

Anonymous said...

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