Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Interesting bit of useless trivia.

Daniel Powter
I've been wanting the Daniel Powter cd for a while and have been slowly buying the songs one by one on iTunes. I am now the owner of the entire album and decided to do a little research about the man.

In reality my only goal was to find a single picture of him without some sort of hat on. When I started looking I found picture after picture with hat head. This got me thinking...what's wrong with his head? Why is he covering this up? Is he balding? Is he already bald? Does he have one of those Mikhail Gorbachev red splat marks on his melon?

The answer to all these questions is no. According to Wikipedia, when Daniel Powter was little he was hit by a car and left with a large scar on his head. He wears a hat to cover the scar, and has over 40 beanies in his wardrobe.

I'm sure all of you already knew this but I had to crack the code and inform everyone of my new found bit of useless trivia.


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Annalise said...

I have never heard of this Daniel Powter of which you speak, but this little bit of trivia has intrigued me. You'll have to play me some of his stuff sometime.