Thursday, May 18, 2006

Three Things:

1. Thank you Devin Harris

Devin Harris and Montel Williams
2. Finley, when are you coming back?

Finley Sucks
3. I love seeing Dirk look like this. Like a little giant sitting in a doctors office.



jenny said...

You love seeing Dirk hurt? I think the more important component of this picture is the cookie component in his left hand. I love Dirk.

jenny said...

PS YOUR BLOG IS CRAP. Your man FINLEY.... did you know the JET has been suspended tomorrow for punchin him? Im so pissed. Finley sucks. I hope he never comes back. Redeem yourself in the next blog because right now, I am praying to the basketball gods that someone can pick up their game to take terry's place.