Monday, March 20, 2006

Babbling, Bumbling Bunch of Baboons

Ongoing New York joke: Jackie and I rode the subway around as you might have guessed. If you are familiar with the London tube you know that there is a set of seats that are for the handicapped and the seats are for two people plus a bit more room for what I can only assume is your handi and or cap.

New York has the same thing, except they have chosen to leave out the extra space and shrink down the seats rendering them useful to one person and a child, or those annoying people that enjoy getting it on in public.

Jackie and I made the mistake of sitting in this "cozy" space on one of our rides. Needless to say things were cramped, not to mention we spent most of the ride trying to spread out and squash each other a little more, once again causing fits of laughter which resulted in disgusted looks by the other passengers. Seems New Yorkers do not take well to our frivolity.


jess said...

You should write a letter to the transit authority telling them there wasn't room for you two alone - imagine if you'd have brought handi and cap along with you. Oh, and I love your pictures on Kodak Easy Share. Did you ever splurge and get the camera you wanted?

jenny said...

your new challenge.. a monday challenge if you will... use the word FRIVOLITY in your blog every time you blog this week..if you don't you have to take out my trash. :) jk jk.

K said...

Challenge accepted.

Michon said...

i love that harry potter works into some aspect of daily topics...maybe that should be my goal...oh and i want to go see she's the man again...i dont remember all the lines i wanted to use!

Annalise said...

cool story kristi.
sorry I'm too tired to think of anything else to say.