Friday, March 24, 2006

My Mind is Slip Slidin' Away

I am so sorry for the lack of blog yesterday, work is getting crazy and the blog had to take a back seat.

First of all Jess, you can look forward to a sweet pic of me in a future blog where I will make your dreams come true and attach my head to the biker chics body. I'm here to please and I gotta say that is one sweet idea.

Moving on. I had a dream last night that was very strange. I have been working on coding web pages at work and I pretty much suck at it so it has been on my mind a lot lately. Well, last night I had a dream that Adam was teaching me html and he just kept talking and talking and talking and all the information was going in one ear and out the other. I had this dream early this morning so at one point amidst my daze of sleepiness I actually thought he was in my room droning on about table tags and other html jargon. I woke myself up when I told him to stop talking. Clearly I need help.


Anonymous said...

You have dreams about your work, I have dreams about mine. I had a crazy one last night that at one point seemed so real I woke up and started to treat my injuries.

obviously, my mind has already slip slid away.

Annalise said...

Hahahaha...that's funny. So sorry that work is taking over your life right now. That's a bummer. I think the only cure is to watch Arrested Development all weekend. You'll definitely feel better after that.

Michon said...

its a weird dream week! i was quite convinced that i was sleeping outside till i woke up and realized that the window was open!

jess said...

Poor Krizzle, having HTML nightmares. Maybe you should try counting sheep before bed....I recommended this to a friend and she dreamt about being in the sewer and getting flushed down people's toilets in Baltimore City! Hey, it might be better than work dreams

jess said...

K, every so often I read the blog found here: - thought you might like it. Good lists.