Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Running Through My Head

I say sorry a ridiculous number of times a day. Wonder how many times people say that on average a day...and how many of those times do they really mean it?

Claty told me today that she was "weak" because she finished her sandwich at 11:20am this morning. Is this really weakness?...or just a girl that needs a pb & honey snack? ps...if you crack under the pressure of a sandwich imagine what Jack Bauer would do to you. One look and it would be over.

I get around 10 junk emails a day to my hotmail account and around 25 to my stupid aol email, how does this happen?! Who is giving out my email address?!

I was reading Dooce today and came to the conclusion that being a parent must be the hardest thing to do in the ENTIRE WORLD. If you have time read the March 28th entry you will fully understand why I came to this conclusion...coincidently it may also cause you to rethink reproducing.

American Idol-How can a show that should take 15 minutes to film last for an hour?! This is beyond me. My grievances with Idol are three fold:

1. Lame backgrounds/sets/lights

2. Lame judges...I really believe Paula had a lobotomy during her time off before this season

3. Lame song're not Christina or Celine give it up.

At the turn in where I work there are two stores right next to one another, one is a wedding dress shop, the other is a coffin store. Is that weird or is it just me? There must be some hidden meaning there.

Ok, I'm done with the random thought and general stupidity...for now at least. Hope that gives you something to think about the rest of the day, or the next two seconds, whatever.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you for your generous mention of me today!! My debut in Krizzles blog...I am practically famous! Anywho, lots of random thoughts in there to think about! May I just say that even though I inspired the comment about AI I would like to state for the record that I really do like AI even though they did poorly last night (I love Elliot!!!!). Claty :)

Anonymous said...

I would also like to say, after reading Dooce's March 28th entry (whoever that is), that if she watches the Nanny she should know that you arent supposed to use the childs room as the punishment area...this makes them see their room as a bad place and bedtime will not be good to say the least. Man I am ready...bring on the kids! Claty

Annalise said...

Sweet blog, love the randomness. I read dooce's blog this morning and I had the same thought. I am sure that if I have kids, they're going to be the kind you sometimes see in the supermarket possessed by the devil, accompanied by mothers who have no idea what to do with their little monster.

jenny said...

hahah. Annalise's comment makes me want to pee my pants. What? WANT TO? I would never want to pee my pants. I take that back. Weird crazy thoughts of yours. I am sick of blogging. No one reads mine anymore. Whatever!

jess said...

Well, wedding dress and coffin store...that's no coincidence...they should just bulldoze the wall and make it one-stop shopping. Krizzle, I don't know how often I say sorry, or how much I mean it (probably never...but you have to say it to get free stuff and make people feel good). But, I did here a stat once that when people say things sarcastically, they actually mean what they say 80% of the time. I think I'm probably pushing 95%, but who's counting?

jenny said...

MAROON FINDS THE FUNK: Maroon 5’s Adam Levine said the band will start recording its next record in a couple of weeks.

“We’re listening to a lot of Talking Heads and a lot of early Prince records so that’s obviously what’s inspiring us,” he said.

They’re also thinking about some collaborations.

“We’d love to do something with Kanye (West), just to return the favour, because it was so great working with him. We want to involve him in whatever capacity we can. And I don’t know who else is going to come out of the wood work.”

Levine sang on one song on West’s latest album, Late Registration.

jenny said...

By summer, M5 will finally return to the studio.

"We got a good handful of songs [written]," Levine said. "I can't wait for you to listen to the record 'cause we have a lot that we have to say musically. It's been three years, so we have so much pent-up creativity."

The band has already been playing some of the new songs live and will do more of that in the spring.

"There are more songs about girls, more songs about hearts being broken, but with a different spin on it, with like a hyperactive backbeat to it," Levine said. "It's a little more rock and roll, a little more excitable, kind of crazy."

jenny said...

ps- you're welcome for those ^. and pps- the brush maker was an absolute hit.