Monday, March 27, 2006

Dry Clean Only

This is quite possibly the best Bushism I have had in a while:

"They want the federal government controlling Social Security like it's some kind of federal program."
-St. Charles, Missouri; November 2, 2000

That man never ceases to amaze me...with his stupidity that is. Ok, I have been having a lot of dreams as of late and I seem to slowly be dreaming about everyone I know. Last night my mind decided to throw Michon into the mix.

For some reason we were in the creepy gas station by Khaki's house, formerly known as the "Speedy Turtle"..I'm sure everyone is familiar. Well there was a picnic table inside and we were sitting at it doing our homework. Well, Michon was doing homework, I just had a yellow legal pad that I was doodling on. Anyway I wanted to get a couple shirts dry cleaned and the lady that was working there was ridiculous. She wouldn't let me give her my shirts and in the end she gave me a coupon book to come back some other time and I went back and sat on the picnic table with Michon doing nothing.

Where does this stuff come from? Clearly the inner workings of my mind are far more cloudy that I could have ever expected.


jenny said...

dry cleaning?... at a gas station? man, i'm missin out...clearly. ps- i caved. pps- JACK BAUER POWER HOUR.. as if 24 solid hours of it this weekend wasn't enough... no really, it wasn't enough. BRING ON THE 24!

K said...

FYI-there actually is a dry cleaners in that gas weird

Annalise said...

a gas station with dry cleaning? that is the wierdest thing I've ever heard. No wonder that place is creepy! Sweet dream though, you always seem to get the good ones. Let me know if I pop up in there somewhere.

Michon said...

YES...ok...sweet that i was at a picinic table...i love tables! haha. yay for 24...and yay for she's the man...maybe i'll shorten it to people will start thinking i'm talking about a new movie...hmmm?