Friday, March 17, 2006

Well Mannered Frivolity

Many of you listened to my audio blogs in my absence, and for that I thank you. I went back and listened to them and am so sorry for the giggling mess of an entry I posted on March 12th. There were points when I didn't even know what I was saying and the words came straight from my mouth. This picture is one of the reasons for my lapse in control and has quite the story to go with it. (ignore the bit of cleavage Khaki is boasting)

The day before we left Jackie purchased this suede purse from Gap which was on sale for $50. It was very cute....until New York happened. Here is how the problems unfolded.

1. The blue dye from her Gap jeans began to rub off on the almost white purse.

2. The zipper got stuck on the lining leaving the purse open only enough for my hand to reach into the purse lottery where you had to play a guessing game and pray to Jesus that you picked up the right thing.
Sidebar-they check your bags when you enter the Natural History Museum and the dude couldn't open the purse either. Instead he did a thorough feel up the purse search.

3. The lining ripped when Jackie and I were playing tug of war with the zipper pull and the purse.

4. The leather zipper pull ripped off due to tug of war stress.

5. Jackie and I lost all control and had a laughing fit inside the Natural History was awesome.

I love traveling with never know what will happen.

One more sidebar-Jackie returned the purse the day after we got back and Gap actually took back the poor mangled thing. Suckas!


Annalise said...

wow, that is one amazing retelling of an even more amazing event in history. You mentioned something about a purse mishap on the way home from the airport, but I had no idea what it entailed. My favourite part was when the purse got "felt up". So glad GAP took the purse back!

Michon said...

haha...annalise is so funny...woo purse getting felt up...haha

jenny said...

way to go GAP. FALL INTO THE GAP. Khaki makes me want to pee my khakis.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! you didn't crop me out of the picture

it is still so funny when you tell it again. I loved that trip simply because we had so many moments of pure laughter.

jess said...

Loved the audio blogs...and the purse story, with a fantatastic picture to capture the whole thing! Hope you will post all your NY stories and more pictures too. I am still laughing thinking about your audio are a funny girl, krizzle!