Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I Heart NY

Well people, I'm back! And I gotta say I'm a little upset. I had one other audio blog that I posted on Monday night and it is not there for some reason. And let me tell you it was funny! I'm so sad. It involved Soho, beautiful people...and the realization that everyone in NY is about 1,000 times more good looking than people in other states. Therefore, making visitors like myself feel really ugly.

Other choice moments included, a visit to a Greek restaurant that a lady of the bus recommended to us that ended up costing each of us $60. Not to mention we ate squid with the largest heads I've ever seen, and fish that came with the head including a little eye that was looking up at me. Not the usual Greek food I know and love, but it was pretty good.
I'll fill you in on all the details and start posting pictures tomorrow.


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jenny said...

I DID AN AUDIO BLOG YESTERDAY AND IT DIDNT WORK EITHER! SUCK ON THAT AUdIO BLOG! I can't wait for top model and lost. I love wednesdays. seeyou soon.