Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Summary of the Blogs I read daily:

Lately I feel as though I read a lot of blogs and the number only seems to be growing. I started thinking about one or two sentence descriptions to use to describe the blogs I frequent and here is what I cam up with:

jennyology: An entertaining perspective of life according to a struggling graphic design student who is obsessed with photoshoping. Her blogs are consistently entertaining and cover topics including music, Disney made for TV movies and Bayside High.

And now for something completely different: An insight into the inner workings of a creative and accomplished writer with "thoughtful" insights on all things moral, physical and carnal.

Michonie...that's the name...this is the blogging game: A story of a BYU sophomore student and her love for Duke basketball.

MUGWUMP: Musings and photography of a distant land also known as Maryland. I have no idea what MUGWUMP stands for, maybe I will find out someday.

The Usual Shop: An intellectual and robust combination of "jennyology" and "And now for something completely different" thinking. Pop culture meets well written entries.

Dooce: Professional blogger, enough said.

The Daily Oliver: One man, one dog, one photo…everyday. I want a dog. (that last part was me, not my description)


Annalise said...

"creative and accomplished writer"? I am so flattered. But maybe I need to start lightening things up a tad?

jess said...

mug·wump, n.
A. person who acts independently or remains neutral, especially in politics.
B. often Mugwump A Republican who bolted the party in 1884, refusing to support presidential candidate James G. Blaine.


Michon said...

dukes over....what is my blog now but a measley pathetic call out for help...i think i need to call in a professional

jenny said...

jen·EE·ah·LO·gee , n.

A: crap that happens to jenny.