Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Migraine headache=Jack Bauer Loritab=Nina Myers

Last night I was subjected to the wrath of the migraine headache. I tell you nothing can touch these things, they are the Jack Bauer of headaches. Luckily a friend of mine donated a Loritab to the Kristi's headache fund and that thing kicked Jack's ass like Nina Myers...minus the part where Nina gets what's coming to her in the end. Thank you person who I will not "out" in my blog for your protection.

Jenny, this is why we had the incredibly awkward phone call last night where I believe I said, "no thank you" when you asked if I wanted to watch Walk the Line. So sorry.

On a much more exciting note I made a purchase last night that is very exciting. I am now the proud owner of a digital camera! I have joined the 21st century, despite my fondness for actual film which I love. Jackie and I tested out my camera all over downtown Provo last night and came up with some sweet stuff. Here are my favorites so far.


Anonymous said...

wow, with that picture perhaps we were both on loritab. good stuff.

jenny said...

SWEET! DUDE. This is really really ironic.... Nothing to do with the camera.... KRISTIN HAS A SWEET STORY ABOUT HEADACHES/DRUGS/MEDICINE.... ASK HER.. After she told me the story
I believe my exact words were, "START A BLOG!" I then proceeded to tell her that if she didn't start a blog, I might be reduced to stealing her stories and using them as my own.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention...

I LOVE that camera! i am sooooo excited for Snappy (as I am now calling it) to visit nyc with us.

love it.

p.s. my favorite pic is the phone.
I think when people tour historic downtown Provo the guide should say "Here is the work of a crazy that has escaped wasatch"

Annalise said...

I am so jealous of your camera, that is some pretty sweet machinery (is a camera a machine? I think does stuff) you've got there. I expect all of our crazy, wild adventures to be documented now, if we had some. We definitely need to hang out more. So sorry about the headache! But thank goodness for loratab!

jenny said...

hahah Oh i KNow. I LOVE THAT ONE. I love the Crap Flap.