Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I love lists. Lists, lists, lists........

Five Songs I Sometimes Listen to on Repeat:

1. Such Great Heights--Iron & Wine
2. Bedshaped--Keane
3. Home Life--John Mayer
4. Amsterdam--Coldplay
5. The Luckiest--Ben Folds

Five Things I Currently Have No Intention of Doing:

1. Letting the rhythm get me
2. Becoming a member of GAG--Graphic Artists Guild (who named that organization?)
3. Seeing King Kong
4. Giving up on getting accepted to Hogwarts
5. Owning a book written by Dr. Phil

Five Things I See Everyday on My Way to Work:

1. People unable to use a roundabout
2. Khaki's apartment complex
3. This creepy lady at the bus stop by the creepy gas station who always waves to me
4. Myself in the rearview mirror
5. Starbucks...if I could get myself up a little earlier I'm sure I would be a slave to that place.

Five Little Things That Make Me Happy:

1. Getting in the car in the morning and having an awesome song come on.
2. The excitement I feel every time I visit anyone's blog.
3. My text message ringer "Kristi, Kristi, Kristi...ohh Kristi. Pick up the phone."
4. When the Cafe Rio people yell out FREE MEAL! and they are talking about me.
5. Being greeted when I come in the door of Kristin, Jenny and Bridget's.

Five Fake Movies on Lifetime this Week:

1. "Kathy Adopts a Baby"
2. "They Took Away My Adopted Baby"
3. "They Gave My Baby to a New Family"
4. "Give Me Back My Adopted Baby"
5. "How Kathy Got Her Baby Back"


Anonymous said...

One thing you sometimes see on your way to work in the morning: Me backing out of my driveway...Although I am usually running late these days so you are already well on your way as i am backing out. But I did see you a couple of days ago and waved!!! That was fun! I am jealous that you are going on a trip. :( Claty

Michon said...

you are the list queen...master...ultimate one. funny! sorry i didnt get to finish potter...stupid early classes...if i dont go to bed before 11 i die. i think we should watch it again...tomorrow??

jenny said...

I'm crying. I'm literally crying. Give me my adopted baby back? How Kathy got her baby back? Oh my gosh. Oh man. oooooh. still laughing, jenny.
ps- you're my favourite.

Annalise said...

Lifetime fake movies???? Kristi you are FUNNY. I, like Jenny, am laughing so hard my mascara is running & I look all "splochy"- name that movie. Excellent blogging today, sure gonna miss it while you're gone.

Annalise said...

I love scotch. Scotch, scotch, scotch...down into my belly!

jess said...

Krizzle, where in the world are you going - apparently everyone is going to miss you? Oh, and please continue to make lists, they make me deeply happy. If you ever have too many, you can just send some to me and I will put them on my blog.

Anonymous said...