Thursday, March 30, 2006

All Praise Be to Jenny!

Words cannot express how happy your many many comments on my blog mean to me. However, this is a blog so I better come up with some words.

As many of you know I put Maroon 5 on notice on Tuesday January 24, 2006. I believe my exact words were:

"Maroon 5-I think we all know it's about time to put out another album-slackers!".

The fact that they are back in the studio makes this one of the best days of my life...ok, maybe not life but it's a pretty damn good day. And it is only made better by the fact that they have been listening to and are inspired by early Prince and Talking Heads. THEN to add even more icing on this wonderful Maroon 5 cake the name Kanye is mentioned! This is amazing! Maroon 5 you are officially off notice.

Your place will officially be filled by all weather systems in the entire world, namely the crap weather we have been experiencing around these parts. Get it together weather!


jenny said...

hahah Utah needs Troy Duncan. Don't be worried! I am ok. I just really like this cheesy sappy crap. I'm fine, honest. the only thing that makes me PISSED about this article.. was that they are GOING TO THE STUDIO. they should already be IN THE STUDIO crankin it out, kickin A..releasing it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This means it will still be at least another 6 months. uhh GUSTER TOMORROW? OK!?

Annalise said...

Well I am definitely intrigued that they are listening to early Prince and Talking Heads. And we all know Kanye is amazing. And I'm with Jenny...Guster tomorrow!!!